[TRANSFERING]WTS 34+M SP Nyx, Aeon, Ark, Trade Pilot


Planned for Rorq, supercarriers and Trader, but not longer wanna use carriers.
Promise have all useful skills for Ark and Nyx (T2), and almost all skiills needed for Rorq and Trade.
Jump Drive Calibration is level 5 undoubtedly.
Injected Amarr Carrier but only level 1 ( Means that u can drive up to T2 configurations of Aeon if u don’t mind the low level of Amarr carrier skill), while Gallente Carrier skill got level 4.

No killrights
Few isk (>0) in wallet
In NPC corp
Pilot implanted +5 Bonus (4×) located in Jita and another Clones in Perimeter

offer starts at 24B, and B/O is 28B

I’ll extract skills by myself if the end offer below 24B, beyond all doubt.

(Will accept B/O if others don’t offer more in 6 hours)

Will end in 12:00, 23th September ( in game time )

Offer 20b b/o. Pilot kind of all over the place and I would extract a lot of her.

Sry, I love her so much that I’d rather extract skills by meself than sell her below 24B, as the value of Skill Injector is about 20.5B

Extractors also have costs,.After deducting costs, the value of cerebrum is only 18.8b

I am willing to quote 21b

I will start you off with a 24bill offer

offer 24.1









Hi Sorry but I already got a character to fill this roll. I have to withdraw.

23b b/o

24B offer

Accepted. Plz send ISK and email me in game with ur receiving account.

Haven’t received the ISK yet, so others can still make an offer and I will accept any offer higher than 24B immediately.

Sorry. I was waiting for another pilot’s response. I will send ISK if you agree.