[SOLD] WTS Nyx / Aeon / fax / Carrier / jump freighter pilot


Total SP 40,238,139
Remaps available: 3
Implants: +5s (+3 charisma)

Rorqual skillbooks also injected

Fighters 4 (13 days from 5)
Gallente Carrier 4
Amarr Carrier 3
Caldari Carrier 4
Other Fighter skills 4
Jump Freighter 4
JFC 6 days from 5

located in Jita 4-4

Starting bid 38B

daily bump

32b and I’ll buy today

Thank you for the offer, I’d like to wait a bit to see if the minimum is met however.

ill buy today 34b

36b offer

40b offer

@star1314_Uitoh if no other offers come in by next down time, I will accept your offer.
so potentially ends at 28/11 next downtime

41b offer

Bidding closes at downtime 28/11; 1 hour and 15 minutes from now

Spicy McNicey is leading at 41b

(the character and isk exchange will not be done at downtime, however, bidding will end. I will look to see who had the highest bid at 28/11 at 1100 eve time according to the time stamp on their reply on this post)

@Spicey_McNicey wins with 41b bid.
Send me details for the account to transfer to and i will transfer character asap.

42b offer

Can send when home out for holidays due to thanksgiving.


isk and info sent awaiting transfer @Dmx_XteR

status on transfer?

Isk confirmed sent, going to start transfer right now

Transfer started to account name provided.

Transfer email received, thanks for doing busniess

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