WTS Focused Nyx Pilot



I am out of 40B, go to bed first, wait for your message.


@KKEE_Benuse I accept 40 Bill BO, awaiting ISK and account name be eve-mail.

If he no pay 40 Bill, I will accept next @Satellizer_el_Bridge as 40 Bill bid.

all right i will pay 40b,still wait


ISK has been transferred, email is sent in account EVE

Logging for check, moment

@KKEE_Benuse I received 40 Billion isk & account name. I will start transfer in few minutes and confirm it for you.

I have confirmed the account in EVE, please transfer the account

I started transfer to you account: SUPPORT REQUEST #899814

@KKEE_Benuse I relog to my main character, if you have any questions.

@KKEE_Benuse Please confirm when you will receive character. Character already not at my account. Normal transfer = 10 hours. Congratulation with good character =).

The role has been received and the cooperation is enjoyable!

Nice! Enjoy!

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