WTB Hel pilot

(nosbod1) #1

Looking to spend between 40-50b

Must have heavy and light fighters at level 5.

(rasta farail) #2

i have this character https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/gre_Utama mdp 123

(nosbod1) #3

What price are you looking for.?

(Skarlett Khamsi) #4

Check myself:

(rasta farail) #5

price is 40b

(nosbod1) #6

LOL never worth 40b

(T'Challa Panther) #7

could you make your offer to be cheaper? it’s not that worth man

(T'Challa Panther) #8

i would like to offer 34B for your NYX toons. :smiley:

(system) #9

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