WTS Pilot with Perfect NYX/Hel/Verdetta/Dread/Carrier 83mill SP **SOLD**

This is for sale

Sec status positive
wallet positive
No killrights
No jump clones
Is in Jita 4-4 with implants

Gallente Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V
Minmatar Dreadnought V
Heavy Fighters V
Light Fighters V
Fighter Hangar Management V
Support Fighters IV (10 Days to V)
Drone Durability / Navigation / etc etc V
Cap Ships V
Cybernetics V
Nanite Interfacting IV and Operation V
Thermodynamics V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V

Perfect Capitals guns Minmatar XL guns V and all support skills to guns V

Nyx, Hel and Vendetta supercarrier with Perfect skills

  • High grade Slave Clone with Armor hardwiring
  • Many Skills injected
  • Just need titan skill injected to fly it
  • Able to fly Intercepters to travel from A to B

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Witty Pass: 1234

Starting at 80b.
b/o. give me a offer I cant resist

Lower the price after reading other prices on the forums :slight_smile:

Added a Apikey

KeyID: 6674728
Verification Code: a2fGh2Yhzd5rDysiopzggV5UOpO47p9iVtd8gYG83LlgpxTkv09FdHlHFt1C4L1z

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Daily Bump. The offer will run to after DT 6/1-2018

Daily Bump.


60 billion.


64 billion.



If you accepted i would require either a skills only api or extensive screenshots, eveboard seems to be killed rn

Thanks for the offers so far. For anyone who need a apikey, ive created one

KeyID: 6674728
Verification Code: a2fGh2Yhzd5rDysiopzggV5UOpO47p9iVtd8gYG83LlgpxTkv09FdHlHFt1C4L1z

Implants http://prntscr.com/hw8bpr

It’s not the first time he hasn’t paid for his offer

So I dont get what this means? No ones bid has been accepted.

Because I added the Api key was because you told me the eveboard dont work :slight_smile:

I had been a new owner of this char for almost 3 years, so its first time ever for me to sell a char


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Metastatic Hyperplasia You offer is noted. I hope for a little bit more, but if no one gives a bid tomorrow after DT I will accept you offer.

Daily Bump

8 Hours left :heart:

May as well just handle the transaction now :wink:

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you right lets do it. Send me in game mail with account to transfer to and the 80bill on this char :slight_smile:

Last chance everyone, when a got the confirm of money its sold :slight_smile: