WTS 31.5m SP Highly Focused Nyx Pilot

Password: 1234

Perfect Nyx Pilot with Fighters V
Gallente Carrier V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Amarr Titan Book
Gallente Titan Book
Can fly Avatar/Erebus
Positive Wallet / No Killrights / Positive Sec Status / Location Perimeter

Pod with High Grade Amulet Set.
Has Bonus Avatar Skins as well Purity of the Throne + Khanid

b/o 40b

38bil offer

to the top

40B ok isk rdy.
please mail me


sending isk from Lucky in few min.
acc.name mailed ingame

Transfer initiated

Thnx for doin smooth business

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Closed at therequest of the OP.

Fly safe o/

ISD Bahamut