[WTS] 5m Pilot (with Amarr Titan skillbook)

Hello, I’m for sale. I’ve got a good name, and the requisite skills for an Avatar in my head, including the skillbook.


I have 2 remaps available, and still have Cybernetics V.

I come with a HG-Slave set:

Bids will start at 14b.

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why would you extract an avatar pilot…

I wanted the injectors for something else, and I don’t use it anymore. Thank you for asking though.

4bil bit for a empty hull

5B to get you started

Unfortunately that’s way too low, even under the raw skill book value. However thanks for the bumps!

What would be a reasonable bid then for you?

Good morning, I propose 10b b/o

If you do 4b more, it’s yours.

I’m interested in this, can we do 11b?

No, thank you.

Ive got 12b. I was positive your counter said 12b not 14b.

I’m interested, whats another 3b.

14b deal

Accepted. Initiate the transfer, please.

Thanks. Will initiate when I get home. About 2-3 hours

ISK Sent as well as a mail to the character of what account to transfer too.

Thank you

Transfer being processed. Enjoy.

Confirmed. Thanks again.

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