SOLD, WTS 5.38 mil SP Kitchen SInk Pilot

Looking to sell this extra Character; 195 skills trained, pos sec, pos isk,no kill rights,
pw: 12345

Offers please,

Edit: Character is located in HS and has one Jump clone in HS.

4b offer, isk ready


Looks like it has 2 remaps available.

4,5b. Valid 1 hour.

4.7b offer, isk rdy

5b, tho i dont think OP is reading. Retracted.

yep, doubt tthat. 5b/o if smth.

Sorry, had to go AFK a bit. I was hoping to get 5.5b with all the skill books bought.
Anyone 5.5b b/o?

let it be for 5.1 real final offer.

Ok, offer accepted for 5.1b b/o.

I’ll convo u in game in few mins

Isk received, transfer started.

TYVM 1 more time, FS

It says the acct name you gave me “Not Found”.
Please give me the acct name again to transfer to.


Ok, online

Convo me, I’m logging for the night soon

Seems like it is all good now

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred to you will remain on the sender’s account but will not be playable during this time.

TYVM and FS.

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