[WTS] Perfect Avatar (Titan) Pilot 71M sp

(Tekilaman) #1

PW: 1234

As title says litteraly perfect avatar pilot. Comes with a HG slave set which can be confirmed though eveboard link. Pilot has 71M sp.

Transfer will be done as per ccp rules.

Minimum bid: 60B
B/O: 75B

Perfect Avatar Pilot for Sale
Perfect Avatar Pilot for Sale
(fred Uanid) #2

71B B/O

(SarnBix) #3

buyout 75b ready to transfer now

(SarnBix) #4

let me know when you are online so we can begin transfer :slight_smile:

(Tekilaman) #5

Accepted. Send me isk and account name

(SarnBix) #6

Another player is transferring the character Tekilaman to your account named xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Thank you very much 07 friend.

(BjBee Aidya) #7

WTF are you up to Tekilaman? You and micheal snommis?

You confirmed bidding on this very same character in this ongoing auction linked below, and cannot do this deal:

(system) #8

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