Sold Perfect Avatar Pilot 77.8m Sp

(Isa Prime) #1

Full High Grade Slave + usual Avatar implants

Over 10b in Implants and Skins included

Avatar Skins:
Cold Iron
Glacial Drift
Raata Sunset
Purity of the Throne
Exoplanets Hunter

Titan V
Max gunnery skills
Doomsday skills V
Max Jump skills

Titan relevant skills all maxed

In NPC Corp
No Killrights
Non Negative Balance
Clone in Jita 4-4 partial +4s
Clone HG Avatar Clone in Lowsec
Positive sec status
1 remap

Min bid: 80B

BO: 90B

(MaxMadDog) #2

80 bil

(Karl Binchiette) #3

81 bill

(Queen Darklighter) #4


(IlIlIlIlIlIlI) #5

You have mail.

(Queen Darklighter) #6


(Isa Prime) #7

Buyout has been accepted sorry pilot is off the market. Sold Pending transfer

(Isa Prime) #8

Transfer completed

(system) #9

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