[SOLD] WTS Perfect Avatar - 87mil SP

WTS Perfect Avatar pilot.
Skills: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Yuri_Funaila

  • Titan V
  • Doomsday Operation V / Doomsday Rapid Firing V
  • Max leadership
  • Max jump skills
  • Great gunnery skills
  • Wallet: Empty but positive at time of transfer
  • No kill rights
  • Security Status: -0.11
  • implants: +4’s

Starting bid: 80 billion

90 bil

91 bil

95 bil

96 bil

100 bil

I will pay 92 bil for the account, ISK ready

估计只能卖给 94B 的

101 Bil

I won’t be online until later tonight (around 23:00 UTC) at which point I will review the thread and get back to you guys. Looking for a relatively quick sale so highest at the time of me checking wins.

Current highest is 101b.


Okay, accepted and ready when you are. Let me know the account and send the ISK and we can get started.

Okay, is this offer still on the table? If so I’m ready to go if you send me the account name and the ISK.

I offer 102bil To sell?

Offer accepted, please send me the ISK and account name and I’ll start the transfer.

Account name and ISK received. I have started the character transfer as of 1 minute ago , just waiting confirmation from CCP.

Email received confirming the transfer has begun. Thank you for the sale.

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