[SOLD] WTS 47m SP pure Avatar pilot, COMBAT READY, clean history, good name


  • 47,669,092 SP purely invested into piloting an Avatar and everything that comes with it
  • No corp history, no killboard entries, never had contact with the outside world
  • Awesome name that fits perfectly
  • Located in Jita 4-4, positive wallet, no killrights, no jump clones, +0.0 security standing
  • 2 bonus remaps & neural remap available

Notable skills

  • Amarr Titan V
  • Jump Drive Calibration V
  • Capital Energy Turret V
  • All Armor Compensations V
  • Doomsday Operation V
  • Doomsday Rapid Firing V

Starting bid is 40b
Buyout is 50b

I will be using PLEX for transfer.

40b offer.

41 bil

42B offer.

50b b/o. Please confirm that its accepted.

Buyout from Kristen Steward accepted.
Please send me the ISK and account info and I’ll request the transfer as soon as possible.

ISK sent, account info is in your EVEmail.

ISK and account info received. I requested the PLEX transfer of this character, ticket #793195.

I’ll post here as soon as I hear any news about the transfer.

I just received a message from GM Sirius that he started the transfer. Also, the character doesn’t appear on my login screen anymore.

Thank you for your purchase and I hope you’ll enjoy him when he arrives!

Character received. Thanks!

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