[SOLD] 47mSP Avatar/Revelation Pilot


(Captain Bo) #1

Avatar/Revelation Pilot

Very focused Titan/dreadnought pilot

In Jita
Positive wallet balance
No killright

Current offer: 49b
B/O: 54b

(Captain Bo) #2


(Captain Bo) #3

is there anything else i should provide?

(love tina lee) #4

50B I want this

(Captain Bo) #5

thx, if 51.5B, I will be very happy

(love tina lee) #6

OK,I will give you 51B, please give me your name,I will give you isk today within 3 hours.

(Captain Bo) #7

Sorry I changed it to 51.5B, dont know if you can see it. Will the price work for you?

(love tina lee) #8

well, it is the last time you change the price,or I will give up

(Captain Bo) #9

Cool, so I will sell it to you. Pay to “me” please, Captain Bo. Also im about to go to bed, but if you can pay me in a hour, i would like to wait for it and get it done today XD

(love tina lee) #10

I had give a mail in EVE,may you help me confirm it ?

(Captain Bo) #11

im on it, i will let you know if I get the mail

(love tina lee) #12

Thanks,did you get my mail?

(Captain Bo) #13

YES, iv got it

(love tina lee) #14

I had pay for it,please check it

(love tina lee) #15

Hi,my bro,did you got the pay?

(Captain Bo) #16

Got it, transferring pilot

(system) #17

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