[WTS] Perfect Avatar pilot!

WTS myself - perfect Avatar pilot, with great name!

Character is located in lowsec NPC station, has no killrights and positive wallet.
8b worth of implants are included in price (full HG slave and xx6 implants versions).

Starting bid: 50b
B/O: 70b

Transfer will be made with plex via petition to CCP.

55 bil

56 Bil offered.

57 bil


Thanks for all the offers, heading in right direction :slight_smile:

60 bil

61 bil

62 bil

63 bil

In this pace, the sale can be concluded in the next 48hrs :slight_smile:


67 bil

Accepted 67b - please send isk and account info.

looking for account info , will sent you withiin 24 hours,
can sent you ISK first

Ok - send isk and I will wait for account info.

isk sent

Confirmed - awaiting account info details.

account info sent

Petition created to CCP for character transfer, I will let you know when I receive confirmation that character is being transferred (should be within 24-48hrs).