Perfect Avatar pilot. 58mil sp

Selling myself.
Perfect Avatar pilot, with clones, located in high sec
Pozitive security status , no kill rights .
Positive wallet.
B/O 55

40Bil ISK ready

not even close to 55. Unless you are willing to pay that , don t bother , please!
Thanks !

Next time you post, mention that you are not accepting bids to avoid wasting your time and others. Thanks

45 bil

daily bump…

you won t find a better Avatar pilot then this . With implants.

bump… one day offer 50 …only today

46b isk ready

50 and hurry up , offer expires in 10 hours . It will be 55 after that.

50b b/o will login shortly and send isk and account name

Isk and account name sent

50.5b offer

Offer accepted, I will initiate the transfer in about 8 hours or so from now as I am at work.
I will post here as soon as I did it.
Plain won .

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Just arrived home, transferring now !

I did it quick , because I wanted you to have your toon quick and I forgot to grab the isk you sent. Can you please send it to Huge Jasss
Thanks !

yeah will do!

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ISk sent back :slight_smile: ty


Thank you too and see you ingame soon!