WTS near perfect Avatar pilot

One-of-a-kind portrait with a fitting name.

43m SP. No wasted skillpoints.

All armor compensations V
Titan V
Full slave clone


Located in amamake NPC Station.
NPC Corp

Confirming that i am for sale.

I can provide30b

Thanks for the offer. I’m looking for closer to 35b

If you can confirm it within 10 hours, I think I can provide 32b.

Okay, i can do that. Ill be online for for the next 2 hours.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m still working. I’ll pay isk to you in four hours. Do you want to pay this role directly?

I have just started work but should be on in about 8 hours from now. I have next few days off if it is more convenient then.

I want to know whether I should pay you or the character that is being sold.

Isk has paid and the receiving account number has been sent by email to The Unfortunate Avatar

Isk received, i have begun the transfer.

I have received the email from ccp. o7

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