SOLD Avatar pilot - 31m

Selling my alt, skills.

All CCP rules followed, positive ISK, currently in Jita.

High-grade Amulet clone
4x +5 clone

Additional skills:

Amarr dread
Amarr Transport ships
Caldari Interceptor

Deathglow, Exoplanet and Kador skin for Avatar injected.

Minimum price: 31B

Will wait a few days to see how this goes.

If you want to send evemail, please send to Frank Pannon.



25b offer

26 bil

Good morning, bump for today.


messaged you ingame.

Accepted offer in game. sending isk over now to Tyra Po.

OK, please send account info too. I will have a meeting now, can start transfer in 2 hours.

sent account name in game mail at same time of isk transfer.

Please send ingame the name of your account, not the character name. The CCP transfer page needs the account name which you log in with.

EDIT: Sent a mail to both your characters, can not start transfer until you send the account name.

Sending now.

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