WTS Dedicatet Avatar Pilot


Located in Caldari Highsec
positive Wallet
No Killrights
In NPC Corp
High grade Amulett Pod
Open to offers

45b offer

Looking for a bit more will let u know if nobody else offers :slight_smile:

48b isk in hand

offer canceled

Still hovering around extraction value for a perfectly focused Avatar character…

Yeah sorry i wasnt very clear
I wont consider offers that are roughly matching extraction value.
I could just extract myself then and not pay the transfer fee.

So it would need to be more than that.



To the Top!

49.5b offer

50b offer

51b offer

Offer canceled

Since the quotation of others was cancelled, I continue to offer 50b


Im not gonna let it go below 55 b

Bump !

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@Pech_Tor please update link with https://char.tools4eve.com skillboard.

Sry i missed that Site finally being offline >_>