WTS 95m Avatar pilot

FULL High-Grade set onboard and a +4 set in a clone

Positive wallet ballance, character is in Jita 4-4

As a bonus - Sarum revelation skin

Starting bid - 65 bil (not less)

buyout - about 85+ bil

all ccp rules apply

B/O agreed in game.

whats the bo

he offered 78 so i’ll consider only 85+ if you think of overbidding.

I’ll offer the 85b b/o if it falls through.

It will never, ever, not in billion years, fall through with me :rofl:

Having said that, I would hate for the seller to miss out on 7 billion. @Elexi, go for the 85b offer.

If that falls through come back to me :smiley:

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Top lad, very generous of you.

well, ok, let’s do it. i’ll be online for the next 5-6 hours. contact me here or evemail me your account and send the isk and i will begin the transfer

Great, I will be home in about 2.5 hours and will sort it out first thing.

Isk and mail sent.

isk recieved, character transfer in progress

Got the mail. tyvm

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