WTS 50m SP Avatar Pilot


Avatar Pilot
HG Amulet set
Imperial Jubilee skin


Starting: 50Bil
Insta Buy-out: 65Bil or make an offer in pm

39bil to get you started :slight_smile:

45B offered

46bil (also bidding on another char if that deal goes trough this offer will no longer be valid)

bump !

Bump !

bump !


First of u that come back on thread will get it if you are still looking for it

Deal. Sending the isk and account details within an hour from now.

Isk send to [Thierry Saissore]

And send the details of the targeted account per evemail to @Thierry_Saissore .

Ill start the transfer once i get home

Awesome. Thanks for confirming that. Looking forward to using the char in combat :slight_smile:

Transfer started

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