WTS 43M SP Avatar Pilot

43m SP Avatar Pilot for Sale


Located in Jita
Positive Wallet
-1.06 sec status
Full HG Amulet Set
Amarr Titan 5
Doomsday 5

Will not accept offers below 35b
B/O 45b

I will pay transfer fee

Hopefully, you do get 35+ but if not I’ll offer 20 B,



Moving back to the top

I’ll offer you 38b theirs skills i need to train to use it how I want to use it lmk

Fatal, I can do the 38b if your offer still stands.

It does read ingame mail ill we can chat further thru discord ill post here once isk is sent

Isk sent account name is areed1183

isk received. initiating transfer now to areed1183

Transfer completed

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