WTS 113mSP Avatar Titan/Hel/Aeon Super Pilot

SP - 113.887.046.
43.549 Unallocated Skill Points.
Positive Wallet.
located in highsec
No Kill Rights.

Amarr Titan:V
Amarr Carrier:V
Minmatar Carrier:V
Amarr Dreadnought : III
Jump Drive Calibration;V
Jump Fuel Conservation:V
Doomsday Operation:V
Doomsday Rapid Firing:V
Capital Pulse Laser Specialization:V
Burst Projector Operation:V
Neurotoxin Control:V
Neurotoxin Recovery:V

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Alice_Carroll PW:123

Starting bid 85B.

90 bil

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Wait for a higher bid

If nobody bids in 12 hours, I’ll accept 90B

I have sold 94 B before(107M SP before). I hope this price can exceed the last price(【been sold】WTS 107m SP Perfect Avatar+other caps Pilot

Thing is it’s not very focused I am ready to pay for a titan pilot but a bit more focused , ~90m SP

I accept your price,Please send me the account information and ISK

ISK and account information has been sent. Thanks, Alice!

The transfer request has been submitted, but the CCP has not responded

The transfer has been completed.

Character received in good order. Thanks AC and thanks GMs for a quick PLEX transfer!

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