WTS Avatar Titan Pilot

(seadog Arsten) #1

WTS Avatar titan pilot

45,534,579 SP
Positive Wallet
NPC corp sitting in jita
Good Standings

Get bidding guys
All normal rules apply

(zolphi) #2

45b B/O

(Marketing 0919 Boirelle) #3


(seadog Arsten) #4

If your still interested, mail me i’m ready to do transaction 45.5B is a acceptable price

(Marketing 0919 Boirelle) #5

I don’t know if it’s legit, my main is occupied with a big op, I’ll post with another alt to do the transaction.

(PoisonMe) #6

alt posting

(Marketing 0919 Boirelle) #7

comfirming alt

(PoisonMe) #8

isk and account info sent

(seadog Arsten) #9

I will be home in a few hours and will check then start transaction, good luck with your big op!!!

(seadog Arsten) #10

Transaction carried out will be with you soon

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.
Character Name: seadog Arsten
Will be completed after: 12/15/2017 8:01:53 PM

This character has now been sold all rules apply

(PoisonMe) #11

character received. pleasure doing business with you!

(system) #12

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