WTS Avatar/ Aeon, Titan, Super, Dread pilot 94Mill SP

For sale this pilot 2005 player Amarr Titan, Super, Dread, Fax

No kill rights
No jump clones
Char located Jita
positive wallet & security status

Offers start 75Bill

All selling rules apply, will pay transfer


75B ISK ready

76 bil

77 bil

78 bil


81 bil

82 bil

83 bil

84 bil

89 BIL

90 bil

93 Bil

94 bil

96 Bil

97 bil

Do you think you can push that too 100, I mean come on its a awesome alt to have, cool name, slick hair, and good looking, the envy of capital fleets

100 bil

That sounds like a deal Just send me your details in game and I will start the process if your still intrested

Accoubt info and ISK sent