WTS 34M AVATAR pilot super focused


Amarr Titan V
T2 Guns
Good support skills
HG Slaves + 6% clone
Various skins
Revelation pilot

Start Bid: 46b
B/O: 55b

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Sold. Send isk and account name.

sold ?

Is this a reply to a private / in-game bid / b/o or to my 46bil bid? :slight_smile:

Sold to Knit for 46… I need to make room :smile:

Ok. Btw, not that it’s important, but as per CPP’s rules regarding character transfers, can you confirm that the toon has a positive wallet balance and disclose if it has any killrights and its current location?

I wll then immediately send the ISK and account name for the toon transfer.


No killrights, positive wallet balance and located in Agil

ISK and account name sent.

Character Name: Treks

Will be completed after: 6/17/2019 8:55:46 PM

Incoming character transfer email received. Ty!

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