WTS Near Perfect Avatar pilot

Near perfect avatar pilot


pw 1234

No killrights
Positive wallet
NPC corp
Positive sec status

Titan pod located in LS

Starting bid 42B

B/O 60B

42 B ISK

43 bill

44B isk

50B isk

51 bil

55b ready

Thanks for the offers, auction will end 24 hours from now.

Highest bid is Der Gummler with 55B

Check ingame mail 60b b/o offer

ill be on tomorrow around 15:00 EVE Time to transfer isk

Thanks for the offer, since B/O was offered and no higher offer is present I accept it, please let me know once you transferred isk and account name.

I won’t be near my PC tomorrow untill 7 PM GMT +1 that’s when I can start the transfer

ISK and account info sent

Isk and account info received, thank you.

Transfer ticket was submitted

Transfer complete
Thanks for trade

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