Price check 278m SP GOD OF WAR

pimp name
pimp implants
decent KB
bad sec stat ( pirate)
03 toon (one of the oldiest players still going)
just a price check please mail him or myself as he is still in corp I just waanna see what he is valued at

you need to post the sell thread with the character being sold or ISD will close this thread down.

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I confirm I am for sale… removing roles from corp now

225b offered already

confirmed, 225b offer

330B offered in game WHOA… asked him to confirm on here awaiting that

Confirmed 330b offered in game.

lol… for sure, that’s a fake bid. i’m going to see how this sell thread turns out. enjoy!

no it aint that guy convoed me earlier legit bid to me too :slight_smile:

yea yea yea, whatever… i know what you’re trying to pull here. if that were real, and if i were you, i would accept the offer with a heart beat. 330bil for a 278mil SP pilot? too good to be true… anyway, let’s see how this ends :slight_smile:

well youlld find out when I accept it if no higher bids wont you :smiley:

hahaha yeah, i’ll be here watching this thread. take it away :slight_smile:

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lol, dude, if you’re going to use an alt to bid, at least try harder. why would you use a 10 days old alt to bid? lmao, too obvious.

he convoed me it could be a troll for all I know agreed 10 days old but I come back to game today to start playing again hence the sale now


Why is that too good to be true, if I may know? Are you talking about pure value based on what you would extract and then sell?

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some guy approached me ingame and I believe it to be true ofcourse ive had this character since 03 so does hold sendimental value to me and he appreciated that and put in that cracking bid :slight_smile:

bump !

to the top !!

accepted 330b offer in game waiting for buyer to respond