WTS 55m SP Wyvern/Hel Pilot

pilot in npc corporation.
waiting for your suggestions


36B offer

38 bil

I have 39Bil ready

40 billion isk

41 bil

Still for sale?
Offer 42 bil


42.11 Bil



42.20001 bil

@Ronimil @Nuclear_Powered_Eve

Can we agree to stop being pedantic and bid in .5Bil increments at least? Mostly looking at you @Nuclear_Powered_Eve

My bids are mocking him, though I would buy it for 42.20001b :slight_smile: . The thread is old and I don’t think the seller is still interested in selling. I sent a message to him and he didn’t respond.

.5 bil increments are the lowest reasonable bid imo.

@Nuclear_Powered_Eve is outbidding people by 100m for characters which are 100B+ worth. if he keeps doing this, everyone is going to start doing it and it’s rather childish. Let’s try to be adults please.

.1Bil bids make sense for sub 5B characters

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