PRICE CHECK multiple pvp/pve chars

I never sought to see what my chars would bring. If you make an offer I cannot refuse, I may sell my chars.
These are a few months old but heres an idea: 70 mil sp 60 mil sp 50 mil sp 40 mil sp 20 mil sp 10 mil sp

On top of this I have 5 hulk, pi, manufacturing pilots… each around 15 mil sp…

I would take all chars out of corp, ensure all was taken care of etc… positive wallet whatever else you need.

I have plain old pi alts too if you need… idk how many, a handful.

8 accounts is just too much to tend to with all the changes in eve coming and to the INTERNET too… I will likely be going underground again. Might as well let someone enjoy the chars Ive invested in.

Please check mail, I’ve submitted a proposal for your consideration.

I would very much like to see the hulk pilots.
Could you PM me their details if you are selling them.


You are not allowed to sell assets with the toons. You need to make a sales adds thread for those.

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