Price check for 3 characters. Been a good run, a long run, but alas its over

130m all subcaps pretty much maxed/super/jf/rorq/carrier/dread pilot as well
84m Titan ready alt character. JF5 Dictor/logi/cepter. Also a great mining character/indy char
49m cyno/carrier/rorq alt

3 characters combined I am guessing here 120b in asset safety(Super, JF,2 RORQs, 5 dreads, 3 carriers, and mad other stuff).
Anyway just looking to price so I can decide what to do. I have had my account since 2010 and quit the game for 10 years and came back only to quit again. Think this time its for real.

okay, well you can’t sell stuff with the toon. it has to be separate.

for the toons alone, you’d need to link to skill-boards for accuracy. but a quick sale will get you around 500m per 1m SP.

i would need to see more details but could probably offer you 200b for everything.

If you’re quitting could I get a Bln? It’d go a long way for a newbro like me

I can take some stuff, just link the chars skillboard please.

I feel like that is a little low. My hel alone is officer fit with two flights of t2 bombers. Unfortunately my entire 15 year inventory of playing eve is going with whoever buys my main. I am currently not in an NPC corp so I don’t want to post my board just yet. If you DM me or talk to me on discord I can link you: Dimning#6947.

You’re right, im almost certainly low. but its the total i can offer for everything, still broken out into several smaller tx ( one per toon, and one for the stuff at least) . ill message you on discord this evening

hello, i can’t add you on discord, is your name correct ?

hey, 150B offer for your 3 characters (without accets)


I’ve sent you a message in-game.


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