WTS HIGH skilled PVP Hardcore char 202mio SP

(wild ride) #1

HI Guys,

Maybe if the offer is in my thoughts im gonna sell my account.
You are also questioning yourself why he sell such a perfect char? Cause i got two of them and there is no need to have a cyno / scanning alt holding all the skills you need in eve for a perfect pvp life.

As said can fly NEARLY ALL Sub caps with pretty perfect skills. You will be a pvp god if you also can play the game. Not like me i suck. But i am sure wou won’t!

Char sheet: http://eveboard.com/pilot/wild_ride
PW: 1234

Start 200bil
B/O: 300bil / make me an offer i might accept it

Also no Extractor prices. This toon is too nice to extract this.

Wild ride

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #2

Damn you did a lot wrong here, firstly, read the char bazaar rules, secondly, post this on the char bazaar :slight_smile:

(wild ride) #3

When i was in the forum all those rules didn’t existed. Thats a pro for a VET account!

Be a VET and buy him :slight_smile:

(Hammersmashed face) #4

characters worth like 200b just fyi. Please make sure you read the rules and edit your thread to be in line with them

(wild ride) #5

no clue what there should be against rules now? I think the only thing is now the corp…

i also take a Erebus / Revenant + ISK :slight_smile:

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(Sell it) #7

Also taking anything else then ISK is not within the CCP Rules. As the guy before told, Toon will be around 200 Bil worth. But take your time with selling it, you will see it :wink:

a) there will be soon a guy from Ichooseyou and Co offering you X ISK below Extraction Value

b) you will wait a few month to sell it for 300bil and maybe go down to 200bil sooner or later

GL with your sale !

(wild ride) #8

i know that thats why i will settle between 200-300 as wrote :slight_smile:

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(wild ride) #10

bumb Make me offers!

(wild ride) #11

bumb soon 203mio SP

(wild ride) #12

bumberoni still

(wild ride) #13

still no offers??

(Zanatory) #14

2 isk

(wild ride) #15

Nice offer there, i was thinking 14 days about that. but its to much i could handle that.

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(system) #17

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