Wts 143 ml Sp PVP toon

I would like to represent you my pvp focused toon https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Gunmarr

It is a wonderful pilot, born in 2007, has got awesome skills for pvp.

Positive sec status, same as wallet
Located in nul sec
250k unlocated skill points
No kill rights

I expect to get no less than 110bil
B/o 140bil

107 bil

Daily bump, b/o reduced: 130 b

Daily bump, any other offers higher than 107 b ?

108 bil

b/o reduced 120b

110b and I will transfer the ISK now.

Thanks for the offer. I ll take a decision soon. Meanwhile b/o is 115 b

Accepted, waiting isk

Just left for work… will transfer when I get back, in about 12 hours

ISK and account name sent, via in game mail.

Character Bazaar scamming is not allowed. It is now up to the GM staff to resolve the dispute. Closed.