Wts pvp pilot 57 ml sp

Pvp toon for sale!

This is good subcap pilot with highly developed missile skills. He has been my main for about 8 years. I expect to sell it in good hands and for nice price.

He is in npc corp now, hanging in high sec, he has slightly negative sec status (-0.85), positive wallet, no jump clones. All rulles are applied.

Auction starts at 40 bil wirh b/o 47 bil

will give you 40 bill right now online

ok, deal

waiting for isk and info

No answer from the buyer, toon is still for sale

sorry man just bought another toon

Daily bump

Still for sale, who is interested?

40B offer

Bid accepted.
Waiting isk

Account info and isk sent.

I am still awaiting character transfer.

Over 72 hours and nothing heard. Skillsheet is now revoked. Have I been scammed?

Since toon has not been transferred in a timely manner I am requesting refund of isk.

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