Great subcap pvp/explo/pve pilot! Has 2 jump clones. Great for DED site running, exploration, and just about any pvp. Check out the skillboard.

  • 77.2 mil SP
  • 1.2 mil unallocated SP
  • Docked in Tew (Tash-Murkon)
  • Remap Available now with 2 bonus remaps.
  • Positive Wallet
  • No Killrights

Starting Bid 58bil (Estimated Extraction Value on eveskillboard)
B\O - 65B

58B My offer, if you can, I will transfer it to you immediately

62 buyout

I’ll do 62bil

62B is current high bid from @disposable_t00n. Not sure if @Liam_Badasaz meant 63B or not. Going to give this another day unless someone comes in with a bid I like.

I’ll accept your 62B offer if it’s still valid.

No reply. Still for sale.

I’ve made an offer ingame - If Bugsy will accept, I’ll send over the funds.

In game offer accepted. Awaiting isk and account name for transfer.

I’d like to apologize - I simply wasn’t prepared, and won’t be able to go through with the purchase today. I’ve explained more in depth to Bugsy in game, but for the purposes of the auction - please feel free to bid on this char. Looks great to me, and under different circumstances I’d have loved to buy it.

My sincere apologies for the messy situation - totally my fault.

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