I am selling my start up PvP pilot. Most skills are invested in frigate class ships, and had started working towards command ships (although i suppose that is irrelevant). I am in faction warfare (Amarr), and a low sec pirate.

I am not sure on price, but have seen similar pilots for 3b so well start there. 4b b/o.

Sec Status - -2.97
Currently in Amarr (Moved from low sec 10/30)
Wallet - little over 1m
1 Active kill right with 7d 7h remaining at time of this post.
Jump clone in Amarr
2 Bonus remaps available.

Lowered to 4b b/o.

Things have come up and i have made the decision to keep the pilot. I apologize to any who were interested.


Hello i have 5bil and will buy now. isk is ready. i have made multiple offers on charcters, first to accept i will buy the toon

I have purchased another character
I subtract my offer.
thank you

Thank you for your initial interest!


Bump w/ lower buyout.

4 bil

Some other things have come up, and i have made the decision to keep the pilot. I apologize for any inconvenience I have caused. Thank you for your offer regardless Yama.

Sale is now closed.

Thank you

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