190 M SP Legendary Combat Pilot

Awesome combat pilot for sale! The toon can do every subcap, capitals and some supers. This is an exellent char and I hope he will find new life and stand a new owner in good stead.

Eveskillboard link: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Tazarak_theDeceiver

Location: Kisogo ( high sec) ; 200 Ml on the wallet ; 3.6 security status; jump clone available;

No lowballing offers pls!

B/o 150 bil

115 bil, isk ready

140bil B/0 Ready today only fast cash transfer.

If there is no higher offer till the end of the day, I will be happy to accept 140 bil bid

I’m off fo 7hrs (bed) and I’ll be back to check in.

What’s your thoughts?

As there is no more bids, I accept your bid of 140 bil

Isk and account details sent. Sorry for late reply nothing came up till now.

Haven’t heard from you for 24hrs have you started the character transfer?


its been a day and a half since I’ve sent the isk to this character i’m purchasing and have not heard from the seller since. what do i do from here?

Contact a GM or file a support to get the issue resolved. Scams involving character sales are not allowed and will be looked into.

Just requested a support ticket now.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode how long does it take usually to get a scam character sale on eve bazaar take to get resolved? I’ve sent a ticket about 2 days ago and with the isk to purchase a character for about 3 days +.

It varies on a number of things, but once the ticket is in, it WILL get looked at. Sadly the only answer I have to give is to be patient.

lol scammed.

wanted to bid on this. luckily i did not haha. i thought that 150b b/o asking was too good for 190m sp.


Yeah accepting such a lowball like 140B is a huge red flag

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