63.5m SP Sale

Looking to sell this character.
Present offer is 49b

Cheers o7

42 bil

43B offer

44 bil

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44.5B best offer I can give.

45b offer now

45.5 bil

46b offer now

49 bil

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I accept your offer. Please reply here if you are still interested.

sorry for the delay. isk and account info sent.

have you transfered pilot yet? please let me know soon.

@Sarro_Azizora it’s been more than 24 hours since i sent you payment. if i don’t get any reply back from you within the next 24 hours, i will consider this case as a scam and will submit a ticket to CCP’s Support. I must warn you that you will most likely get banned if this is a scam you are attempting to.

Apologies. I am sending it now.



thank you, got e-mail that pilot is on its way to my account.

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