WTS myself, 24.5M SP Char.
Skills: HERE
Positive Wallet
Positive Status
No Clones
1,225,000 SP Un-allocatted.

Remap Available

Back on the market due to 2 days no contact from original buyer.

Contact here or ingame

how much?

make an offer


24 bill

24B Highest bid so far

25 Bill

25Bil Highest Bid. I will sell to Koras Mulse for 25B at Midnight Eastern US.

Sold for 25Bil. As soon as I get home from work, as long as the isk is transferred, I will initiate the transfer.

Back on the market, bump.

Apologies, I must retract this bid.

Bump. Looking for a quick sale.

send isk’s

I am confirming the sale of the pilot to Mexa Lovers for 24Bil ISK. I have received isk.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Character transfer in progress. Please confirm when character is received.

Fly dangerously my dude.

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