Selling 27.4 mil sp pilot

  • 27.4 mil sp
  • Security status 4
  • no kill rights
  • positive wallet - will transfer with 2mil isk
  • located in HS - Home is Horir
  • 1 bonus remap available

Pilot Board

All CCP rules apply
will be transferring with CC

Asking for 20 bil

edited for better reading


18 bil

I will accept 18 bil.

Please send isk and account info and I will start the transfer.

I will send in c. 5 hours when I am back home

ok, sounds good
I will transfer as soon as soon as it is received

Can you just first post with the character that the skillboard is linked for?

Sure, This is the character that is for sale

Thanks. ISK and acc info sent

Will send a correction with account info in a minute

Transfer Started
Will post confirmation email as soon as I get it

I’ve received the confirmation e-mail. Thanks!

Thank You

Enjoy, and Fly Safe

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