Price Check - 62Mill SP 2006 toon. Can fly Super & JF

Just looking to get a Price check on this guy, i don’t really use him anymore and it seems like a bit of a waste. pretty cool name and short corp history.

If i choose to sell all rules will be met at the time of posting

45 bil if you want to sell

^^^ that is a joke, Price wise, you’re looking at 58 bil- to possibly 63 bil. More possibly if your age is taken to account and what not.

thanks for the honesty. i appreciate it. so if i started at 60 i wouldn’t be insulting people

if @Jerry_Falcone thinks the price is unfair, why don’t he put in an offer. Put your money where your mouth is. A character is only worth as much as the eve community agrees to pay for it. Go for it @Jerry_Falcone, put in your offer!

@Daedlus you will be waiting a very very very long time and will most likely never sell at 60bil. good luck, either way.

Rule of thumb is 1 mil sp == 1 bil isk. Sometimes you can get more isk than SP, based on implants, skins activated etc. Other times you may get just slightly less than the SP you have. Go through the bazaar at the sold characters so you can see a better idea about selling a character without selling yourself short.

You are supposed to be in an NPC corp when selling.

The extraction price is what you want to steer clear from. That’s how much you would roughly get to extract the char down to 5 mil SP if you’d prefer to biomass instead of selling. So you wanna aim higher than the extraction price

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras how about those who “thinks” they know what the right price is put in an offer? put your money where your mouth is. if you think it’s worth 1bil per 1mil SP, put in an offer then… make your statement with action, not just with words. otherwise go troll somewhere else. this is an auction, people bid what they feel the right price is.

your opinion is worthless if you’re not going to put in an offer.

I want to be really clear here. if I’m going to sell, which is likely, I will have my character in the correct position to meet the rules. I’m not looking for offers right now, just wanted to gauge the market thanks for all the help so far. I appreciate it.

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