[Sale Retracted - DELETE PLEASE]

sale retracted

delete please.

76 bil

No thanks

you are still in a player corp, to which you are not supposed to be, and your SP is 77 mil not 79. @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode

Fixed to NPC corp and it is actually 79 mil SP. Eveboard is being weird. Wait for update I guess.

Nice char, but rule of thumb is 1 mil sp= \ = 1 bil isk. Considering extraction is 61 bil, you might be lucky and have offers closer to 76 bil and maybe 80. But I don’t really see anything that would make me shell out 90 bil for this.

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This isn’t the first alt I’ve sold, I know a well trained character can fetch more than the 1 bil per SP for someone looking for it. Not in a hurry.

Updated BO to 85 bil.





Delete please

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