Character Extracted, Please Delete Post

Please Delete, — Extracted

110 bil

Still for sale

Common peeps. Great toon for cheap. Can transfer instantly!

Buyout reduced to 120 bil. Will extract character if no interest.

Some one dosnt know about the bump limit…

Modifying the order is completely different than a bump to just keep it on the top. Thanks for the free bump though.

Alright, 24 hours from now i’ll be extracting. So if there are no buyout offers at this time tomorrow. Please Delete thread. Thank you :slight_smile:

mail me in game

I’m sorry. I’m unable to log into eve for another 7 hours. I’m still at work. I’ll be extracting the character shortly once I log on though. So please if you or someone has an offer, post here so I can accept/start transfer when I get home.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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