Pls delete

Character tranferd thy bud Pls delete or close

30 bil

thx for bid, hoping to get more offers

my offer will be ready for the next 24 hour, after it my offer will be 29 bil

sorry but its about the price of skill extraction, so i`m looking for higher bids

Estimated Extraction $27,424,963,619

35 bil

thank you thats a reasonable bid, if noone gonna go for like 37b today then this toon gonna be sold to you

Bid accepted, if its still viable please respond here so we could go on with this.

Account Information Send
Isk send

Received isk and created support ticket to start character transfer.

why did you crated a support ticket you know that you can tranfer it over the services

It can be transfered via services only for real money now, if you want to use PLEX as transfer payment you have to go through support ticket.
As stated in my very first post i am selling character using PLEX.
Do not worry, usually it doesn`t take too long, atleast as i heard.

All ok just wondering was a long time since i tranferd the last character or got one. Did you know why the changed it?

Im not sure about it, but since its a sale thread i dont think we should discuss those things here anyway:) Dont forget that character transfer takes 10 hours anyway, so you will not receive character earlier than tomorrow.
Hopefully ticket will be approved soon and transfer starts.

Thats probaly right. Hope it too :wink:

Hey sir
Did the support answer you?

Hey man… no still got no answer… i check it occasionly… wrote again in a support ticket, hopefully will get a response. Well you will either get this character or your isk back, but ofcourse i understand the problem here is the time you waste with it… hopefully you can wait a bit longer.

Character has arrived thx bud

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