Price check 87m sp
Good PVP pilot
thinking selling him

65 bil

68 bil

68.5 bil

Price Check - this toon goes at least 71B by removing skills and selling on the market.
As a good sub-capital pilot probably up to 76b with players who want to use the pilot.

then why don’t you bid 71bil and do that yourself… go on, put your money where your mouth is :joy:

70 bil

Skill extraction value is not the value of toons on here, the only people telling you that are people buying to make a profit off it. The real value of a toon is up to you, but ideally it’s smart to put it at the current plex value, at 1 million sp(max) per month.

Based soley on SP per month, and the current market value of plex. 1.6b per month at a maximum of 1 million SP per month your toons worth is 139,200,000,000. If you were to plex an account for 87 months to get to your SP that’s how much it will cost you.

However, this will never be the norm in the bazaar because it’s flooded with buyers who make profit on dozens and dozens of accounts who manipulate the market and players to make a profit off extraction.

Personally if you’re going to sell the toon, to someone not looking to inject in to it. You could get around 95-100b isk. Gotta ask yourself, settle for selling it for 71b to someone who will strip the sp and make a few billion in profit, or wait maybe 6+ months to a year and sell it for 29b more. Really up to you.


I need to tell you that I have until recently, bought and sold exactly 84 toons. And some of them I wanted maximum value and I’ve waited and patiently sold them. I always make sure that if they are going to buy a highly focused SP toon and they want it to play with, I give them a 5 to 7.5% cut off the injector value, because it can save them a few billion and that to them is worth it.

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thank you for good advice!

m8 be careful who you listen to, I train 1.9 Million SP per month on all my toons. If you are not training that much per month you may want to brush up with +5 implants and the mechanics behind remaps. Which is about double what vaacos has stated. I have watched the market allot and have very very rarely ever seen a toon go past 1 billion ISK per 1 Million SP (Which is rare to begin with). The only people willing to pay that much for a character for the most part is someone who needs a very specific need met such as a rorqual toon and is willing to inject the SP if they can not find one in a reasonable amount of time. In other words generally for someone to pay 1 billion ISK per 1 million SP they have to be willing to inject almost every skill that you have which is generally not the case for a toon past 35-40 million SP. That being said you have a nice sub cap PVP toon here. I am someone who is looking to buy and use a toon such as this, that being said I generally do not pay anything past 7 to 8 billion above extraction price for a character with this amount of SP (and that would be for a character I really wanted). Personally I have found other toons that better suit my needs so my max bid on a toon such as this with the skill market where it is would be 73-74 Billion ISK. That is not a bid by the way I am just letting you know a price that you could reasonably expect for this toon. If someone just had to have it you could probably see a price range of 76-80 Billion, however that is unlikely.

Tactical manipulation of your revamps, + 5 implants and omega status are all required to reach 1.94m sp per month, and it takes very specific skills being trained with very specific multipliers at the exact skill que to get 1.94m sp per month. 99% of eve players train between 900k and 1.1m sp per month, and that is true analytics. I already addressed the issue behind the 1b per 1m sp. It’s due to the market manipulation here and the plethora of fake buyers and alt accounts talking down toons and convincing people that skill injectors are the only value. Yet prior to skill injectors it was always Total SP in millions x the plex value / 10% or so to actually have a reason to buy.

I did this… I made my 352 billion isk off trading toons until they forced me to pay IRL to do an xfer and now I’ve been done. I remember paying next to nothing, no one valued toons based of max implants, and precise skill allocation to get the absolute maximum sp, it was always based on how focused the toon was, where the SP went and if it was a mess or not.

Example of one of my first toons I bought and sold 35 million sp 35 x 330m isk (cost of plex at the time) a value of 11.55b of which I paid the person 9.5b and sold for 13b and I made a billion or two on it. Then came injectors and then came the “new toon buyers/sellers”.

I know I am not the biggest shark, but I can tell you I have more isk off trading toons then many alliances even have in reserves. I explained the value of his toon, and I explained the current sell value and why. He can wait up to a year to sell a toon to someone looking for a specific toon to actually use, and make several billion more then just the “Current market value” due to injectors. People forget injectors don’t exist with out extractors, or loss of sp either, factors that are not factored into the actual injector price (Ironically enough) Injectors follow the plex price nearly enough that it comes out to be about 1.1m sp per month when buying enough injectors to buy a plex… considence? weird…

That is not entirely true every character I have trained since 2015 has gotten over 1.9 mill SP. If you are patient and come up with a strategy to meet your goals then it is very easy and attainable. If you switch what you want your character to do every week then it is impossible. I have taught allot of new players how to maximize their skill train and they have been extremely successful because of it. You can not value the price of a character on stats that are 5 or 6 years old, because if that is the case then I would love to buy some plex from you at 330 Million per 500. But you would never sell me it at that price would you? That is because the market has changed. It is true that characters did not keep up with the inflation of plex, that is the way of free markets some things are better investments than others.

Completely proving my points, thank you.


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