Price check

hello i would like to get a price check for this char
focused nid pilot jfc 4 jdo jdc 4(23 days to 5) t2 fighters carrier 4 and more

12 bil

no trolleriono please

this Charr should be 16-19Bil depend on the point if anybody search exact a toon like that

11,826,048,276 is the full sp value after all cost to extract. however very liked build and if used has a higher value.

and who care about extract costs?

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just saying what the owner could get if he sold all the sp themselves.

i would prefer (if i sell ) to sell to some1 who would use it and train him up , not extract

well, if you do sell please come to me as i am in the market to use this toon. and would offer you a fair value for the Sp and the built in value of the toon’s utility. in the north you should be seeing around 45m to 50m ticks with that toon right ?

i get 56-60

Very Nice, would you sell?

i am still thinking about it

Let me know, 17 billion offer. I will use the toon. I would even stay in the North of the map :slight_smile:

For 17 bil… U can inject a sitter carrier. He is low balling you… U should sell if ur desperate for isk

Show me the math mate. please.

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