Selling myself *SOLD*

Looking to sell myself

82358362 sp

+5 sec status

in Ammold

1 remap avail now

looking for 75bill or more


69 bil

If you had to make that char from scratch it would cost 160bil or more.

They say it would take an impossible amount of energy to put together 1lb of copper, atom by atom… but it sells for $3.22/lb


Sure for you, but for him he wont be able to get back what he has lost.


Have fun playing your character? Check!

If you can get a tidy sum afterwards, to do other fun stuff, nothing is lost :smiley:

Remember this thread is about price check he isn’t selling it now, but ofc you will want to make it seem normal since you want to buy a 90b+ char for 68bil xD

Of course I will want to pay my price. Did you have any doubts about that? I didn’t :smiley:

Price checks happen in another forum. Everything posted here is up for sale.

I know the market a little… But, if you are offering 90+ billion, I think you should send the seller a mail.

The seller could use skill extractors and make 77 bil from extracting his char, so to buy should naturally be worth more.

How did you arrive at 77b? Because it’s nearly impossible.

Because I had a char like this and extracted it and regretted it afterwards so I don’t want the seller to end up in the same way.

Are you sure you didn’t already have 15-20b already in your wallet? Because with current Jita prices, it’s impossible to get that amount…

But, anyways, I think the seller will say yes to your 90b+ offer.

Enjoy the pilot.

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Try create a fresh post since you original where looking for price check here, should be more helpful for you.


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Hi There are you still interested in buying this pilot?