Toon value 124m SP NYX pilot

Hi all am looking for a price check before I offer this toon

thanks for your time

raw extract price is around 100bil.
Skill development wise, you have pretty much mixed pilot, it looks like you started with mining in nullsec and then went to some sort of pvp involvment. Its good for all actual fleet doctrines right now, decent dread, almost perfect super. For a person who is looking for some pilot who will be able to do pretty much everything right now the price would be around 130bil.
i wouldnt sell it below 140, but at the samme time i woundnt pay more than extract value.
anyway shoot me a PM when you decide to sell/further develop this character.

thanks for reply and your thoughts


93B offer


are you still selling your character?

yes sorry I had an emergency at home my baby ended up in hospital

Holy ■■■■, hope everything is ok.

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