Sold Perfect nyx pilot 55 mil sp

55 mil sp
located in hs
has one clone in null
no kill rights
positive wallet
awaiting offers


38bil isk rdy

you need to add some more.
Sorry, I did not realised I reply with a different toon .

what are you looking for then?

45 is the lowest. I am not in a rush to sell. So, don t bother if you cannot offer that.
Thanks !

daily bump.

Check my skills…it s perfect

daily bump 45 is a good price

Daily bump !

45 bil for 24 hours… whoever gets it first!


45 is a bargain for a perfect pilot like this. And as I said, this offer is available only 24 hours. No rush to sell.
So, to come back to your offer, no thanks.



Offering 45bill for it - Isk ready // Will be home in about 2h to send them if accepted

offer accepted. Send isk and account name.

Wich toon you want the isk on ? Will send you isk + eve mail of the account name in about 1.5h

send it to Huge Jasss please

Isk Send - Mail with account information aswell

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