Price Check 91mil SP char

Would like to know what i am worth as nobody reads pricecheck forum.

I am currently used as Nyx pilot as i have all relevant skills for it maxed out, which includes Gallente Carrier skill to 5, All fighters to 5, Burst to 5, armor tank maxed xept repair skills as i wasn’t ment to be Fax pilot at all.

Can fly Naglfar too with T2 siege and T2 guns as well as T2 shield tank with majority of the shield skills to 5

Currently iam finishing the last bit for Erebus, Gallente titan 5 will be finished in 20 days, rest whats needed for the tit is already done, Doomsday 5, Rapid Doomsday Firing 5, Specialization on both capital rails and blasters to 5, skills like Jump drive callibration 5 dont need to be mentioned as they should be apparent.

Got Serpentis and Glittering skin on the Nyx and sitting in HG Amulet egg with Nyx hardwires.

Should the information on price be intetesting i might consider leaving my current master, but only for someone who will use me as a pilot. Don’t realy want to become empty shell after extraction, therefor i dont realy care about Excel extraction value forum warriors.

Skills here:

72b offer in 2hours

Thanks for the info but you don’t need to offer anything, just the number is enough. I said i may be for sale >eventualy< if the info is interesting which in your case isnt at all. Thanks for the bump though

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