23m sp Char with Gallente Titan Skillbook injected


Formerly extracted char but rebuilding it. Has full set of High Grade Amulet implants in a jump clone and a Virtue set in head.

Not sure if im going to sell but will consider if there is serious interest.

Make offers below

killrights? how much isk? location? skins? and last but not least, drop corp, before i even consider giving you number

No killrights, no isk, in hisec, a mix of skins but serpentis, valmor and spirit for an erebus and ill drop corp if im selling.

Give ma a number if you wish, or dont its up to you really

you posted this in the place where they are sold… before posting you should have dropped corp.

i asked all those because those are what you are supposed to put in the first topic.

17 bil

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how much isk?

Looking through the forums and other chars with similar SP and given that its got a titan skillbook and high grade amulet set its going to take an offfer in excess of 20b before i even consider selling

what you have bought and injected to possibly learn is NOT a value for a pilot for you to go off. Bazaar rules dictate that have a read. with that being said i will place an offer of 18 bil

20bil if what i offer

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